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          +91 40 43459999

          About Our 大红鹰彩票首页

          Deccan Fine Chemicals has rich experience in servicing large scale custom manufacturing needs of global customers in agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, and specialty chemicals. Deccan’s business growth has been based on high quality, sustainable and safe production capability, affordable prices and proven track record of completing new projects on time. Deccan has high quality manufacturing assets which can be used for a broad range of fine chemical applications and has extensive fast track new product introduction, project design and delivery experience.

          Sprinkling chemicals on the crops in a farm using tractor
          Crop Protection

          Deccan offers a broad spectrum of products from intermediates, advanced intermediates to AIs for the crop protection global market that includes herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and plant growth regulators. Deccan is a trusted and preferred partner for the leading global crop protection companies.

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          Pharmaceuticals & Animal Health

          Deccan provides custom manufacturing services for animal health products and key intermediates for pharmaceutical companies. Our commitment to highest quality standards for our pharmaceutical and animal health customers is reflected in our ISO and cGMP management principles.

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          Different types of medical pill in a wooden spoon
          Chemicals formulas and diagram of different chemical substances
          Specialty Chemicals

          Deccan offers custom manufacturing services for specialty chemicals used in a wide variety of industries such as specialty polymers, rubber chemicals, dyes and pigments, etc. Deccan’s high quality products and reliability as a supplier helps its customers to meet stringent demands that exist in these sectors.

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          Research 大红鹰彩票首页

          Deccan offers process research and development services to its customers across the business areas. Deccan’s state-of-the art physical assets and highly skilled R&D professionals enable us to offer value added research and development services to our customers.

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          Multiple test tubes in line of two different all in line respectively, a dropper and a microscope

          Deccan’s Capabilities

          Icon of worker with a helmet for his safety

          Technology & Engineering

          Technology and Engineering is our core competency that helps us deliver innovative technological solutions in close collaboration with our customers.


          We are committed to careful usage of natural resources, underpinned by comprehensive, long-term risk management in area of health, safety, and environmental protection.

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          Everyday more than 1000 highly motivated and well-qualified Deccan employees are delivering unparalleled value to our customers.

          Our Latest News

          Deccan chemicals manufacturing facility at Tuni in the state of Andhra Pradesh
          Successful public hearing at Tuni

          Deccan Fine Chemicals (india) Pvt. Ltd. conducted public hearing for a major expansion plan for its plant at Tuni on the border...

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          Syngenta transfers ownership to Deccan

          Deccan Fine Chemicals (India) Pvt. Ltd acquires Syngenta India Ltd's agrochemical manufacturing facility located...

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          A puzzle which last piece in not put on its place yet and acquisition is written at that place
          Deccan Fine Chemical buys Bayer CropScience’s Gujarat Unit

          Bayer CropScience has signed an agreement with the Hyderabad-based Deccan Fine Chemicals to sell...

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